I LOVE Kaleidoscope Dance Studio! My daughters have taken dance lessons from Liz and her amazing team for almost 11 years, and we wouldn’t go anywhere else! At Kaleidoscope, the dancing is all very appropriate, and I love that my little girls are learning great fundamentals and technique, but they AREN’T learning to dance suggestively or inappropriately.

Tuition for Kaleidoscope is less expensive than any other dance studio in the area that I am familiar with. Love that! Liz keeps costumes very modest and inexpensive as well, yet the girls all look beautiful in their recital!

Liz and her staff have made such a difference in my daughters’ lives! They have learned to LOVE to dance, have made great friends, and have learned great skills they can take with them. In fact, my oldest daughter has used her skills to move into the Ballroom world, and made the high school Ballroom dance team (but she still insists on taking lessons at Kaleidoscope too!)

If you’re looking for an awesome, modest, appropriate, low-key dance studio that doesn’t do competitions, this is the dance studio for you!!!
— Allison Holbrook
My daughter has taken dance from KDS for over 11 years. We couldn’t ask for a better studio and experience for her. She has developed into a beautiful dancer with great poise and confidence.

The teachers at KDS are top notch. They truly love each student and care for their personal development. Kaleidoscope does an amazing job of building the girls with solid technique in such a positive way that each girl is beaming with confidence. My daughter comes home each day excited to go back and work even harder. She tells me specific things she is going to work on, so I know she is getting individualized attention in each and every class.

KDS recitals are creative and entertaining. No nudging my husband to stay awake here! Each recital has such a fun theme and great music. The costumes are beautiful and fun and they don’t break the bank. The costumes are all also age appropriate which I really love! The best part of the recitals is the choreography; it is so creative and you get to see so many great different styles. I love that I am not watching the same tricks over and over again, just beautiful dancers who are learning to tell a story through their movement.

Having grown up in the dance world myself, I couldn’t ask for a better environment for my daughter to learn and grow in. My daughter loves every minute of dance and considers the studio her home away from home. I HIGHLY recommend KDS.
— Monika Hopper
Kaleidoscope Dance has been an amazing fit for our family! Not only is my daughter learning skills, poise, and grace, she is gaining confidence. KDS has gone above and beyond to provide a safe, positive, and fun environment where girls can thrive- without the stress of monthly competitions.
— Melissa Sauter
I love that Kaleidoscope provides my daughters with reasonably priced classes and year-end recitals. I appreciate that the teachers are well-qualified and focus on helping the dancers succeed by being upbeat and positive about each girls’ successes. If you are looking for a high-priced, super intense, and drama-filled studio, Kaleidoscope Dance Studio is NOT for you!
— Julie Christensen
We have taken dance at KDS for over a decade. I have had four daughters dance with Liz and her other fabulous teachers. My youngest has also been on Alta’s drill team these past three years and is so thankful for the dancing experiences she’s had over the years at KDS. I have especially loved that KDS is not a competition studio. Dance classes there have always been my daughter’s “favorite hour of the week” because of the love of dance that is instilled without the pressure to compete. The year end recitals are always a highlight - affordable, well organized, age appropriate and modest in both costume and dance, and all around amazing. We love Liz Sackewitz and her staff at Kaleidoscope Dance!”
— Teresa Prater
Kaleidoscope Dance is not only affordable, but has highly talented, dedicated, caring teachers! Music, costumes and dance moves are age-appropriate and my girls LOVE dancing there! It makes everyone in the family happy!
— Katie Atkinson
My oldest girl has been dancing with Kaleidoscope for 8 years dancing mainly ballet and a little jazz. My youngest has been dancing for 2 years with Kaleidoscope dance. I love how technique focused kaleidoscope is, yet it is a non competitive environment. This environment has allowed my daughters to flourish and my eldest daughter to develop dance skills that allow her to dance in the mountain west ballet’s nutcracker. I love the beautiful spring recital that is performed every year. The dances are so joyful to watch, and the auditorium is filled with loving friends and family watching. Liz and her crew are top notch! I highly recommend this dance studio to anyone who wants quality, affordable, dance lessons for their children.
— Jennifer Whitehead
I knew Kaleidoscope Dance Studio was what we were looking for when I attended a spring recital 9 years ago. I saw dancers of all ages and abilities moving about the stage with such freedom and joy. The costumes were tasteful as was the choreography. When my sister told me how affordable classes and even the recital were I enrolled my daughters. Dancing at KDS has given my daughters increased technical abilities, strength, flexibility, and overall physical fitness; but most of all it has been a joyful experience. We love Kaleidoscope Dance Studio!
— Lisa White
We LOVE Kaleidoscope Dance! Liz and her teachers offer a great balance of helping the girls reach high expectations, while allowing them to enjoy the movement and expression that dance has to offer. Grace, beauty, and joy have been the results for my daughters!
— Jennifer Hilbig
We love Kaleidoscope Dance! Our daughters enjoy other activities as well as dance. Kaleidoscope has allowed them to take multiple dance classes and enjoy other activities as well! Dance didn’t overtake their schedule!
— Lichelle Bain
I have loved being a part of the Kaleidoscope family. I tell all my family and friends how awesome it is and can’t enough good things about the programs...low fees, and of course the amazing teachers! Thank you for everything you’ve done and made our first dance experience the best it could possibly be.
— Sarah B.
We love Kaleidoscope Dance Studio! My daughter has been dancing there for years and loves it so much! We have been at other studios but love Kaleidoscope the most because of its positive and nurturing environment. My daughter is excited to go each week and comes home happy and eager to show us what she has been learning. We first decided to switch to Kaleidoscope after attending a recital my niece was in. I was so impressed by the fun and positive spirit, the modest costumes, and the friendly connected feeling among dancers and teachers. We enrolled and have been so impressed and grateful to have discovered this remarkable studio.
— -Emily VanderVeur